Kyle Liao


HSI/O 2022 Most Impactful: OSINT


April Joke Calendar:Happy April

Kyle Liao’s Website: This Website

Code Overflow First Place!:Project_Diani

Panther Hack2022 Best Domain Name:SummerIn.Tech: note website is incomplete

DiscordCLIBOT:Github Repo Allows enter commands and recieve their outputs from discord.

FirstFlaskApp:Github Repo Notes App built in flask based on TechwithTim’s tutorial.

Liao Simple.CSS:Github Repo Tried simple.css and created a site with only one image*

Hack Club Python password generation workshop:Github repo not very interesting. found a typo while doing it that mildly derailed me and made a successful PR to correct it. Site based on the hugo profile theme, managed using hugo, hosted on cloudflare pages. Site theme is built using bootstrap.

Plastic Bot:Github Repo *Built using, answer and reply style bot along with quiz game.

Hack Club Edison site:Github RepoLink html and simple.css. club website for hack club edison. hosted on cloudflare.

EHC.WIKI:Github Repo WIP club project containing resources that members have used to help students advance their technical abilities beyond

HackPHS2022 Second Place!, best use of Wix and Velo:DysKyleCulia Hackathon Project using arduino, wix & velo to help solve dyscalculia.

BattleBots: A sprig game for the handheld sprig console for two player PVP.Link

Hack Edison: Website for a future internal TAEHS hackathon.Link

HackTrin:Link. A machine learning model for parking space. DNF.

Web Dev Workshop Site:Link. A site I made for a web development workshop for Edison Hack Club.

ChatGPT Generated Site:Link. A site made using ChatGPT during said web development workshop.

LWS:Link. A site made using Simple.CSS for a school assignment. Good to go back and use previous tech.

Const.AI:Link. Flask Full Stack + OpenAI API to create a constitution generator. A hackathon project for SpenceHacks.

BookWise:Link. A frontend site with Javascript bookmarklets designed for accessiblity. Two person project at a 12hr hackathon. First place.

Attention Arsenal:Link. A full stack app with twilio text reminders, games, and a hardware component.

Blade of Grass Sim:Link. A year of Ramen winning project. Yell wiggle for points using teachable machine sound clip recognition.

The Urban Kayak: Link. It’s a folding hands-on DIY chloroplast kayak with DIY waterproof led controller.

Many more that have not been added. Minor new projects that are mostly web dev, use apis, or oddballs like sprig games.

Why did the chicken go to Dairy Queen?

He was deserting. Don’t tell the Colonel.